November 19, 2014

Ayn Rand and Bioshock’s Interpretation of Objectivism

Objectivism through the looking glass of utopian (distopian?) worlds built upon Rand’s thoughts 

Bioshock, a successful best selling video game of 2K, has become a significant phenomenon for the last couple of years. Interesting storytelling, gameplay and visuality certainly impressed everyone. Still, the considerable attention it has drawn is mainly due to its reference to Ayn Rand’s contentious philosophy and the world she envisions.

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October 27, 2014

Buying iPhones with Aid Money?

Absorbing Aid and Dealing with Macro Economic Problems

Every now and then international donors complain about how insufficient the capacity is within some recipient countries and how little they can do when this is the case. Let’s have a closer look at that. Low capacity in “absorbing aid”, the technical term of what is stated above, seems to be a major problem when donors have “a lot to share”. But when we look at the aid absorption terminology, we sense that something’s not quite fitting there. 

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September 15, 2014

Anarchy: "Ceteris Paribus" of International Relations

Let’s have a quick look at post structural IR thinkers' approach to the concept of anarchy.

Doing that requires focusing on three main factors; first the "essence" of anarchy for IR to flourish as a mature science, second the problems deriving from the anarchy that helps to legitimize the concepts like sovereignty, nation state, use of force, to stop violence, to get obedience and maintain order. And finally anarchy in terms of knowledge formation that might be regarded as a veil that conceals and legitimizes power relations on both domestic and international level.

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