March 27, 2015

Modern State From a Liberal Perspective

Liberals’ views differentiate from Marxian perspectives on state mainly via their focus on institutions, “rulers” and several other factors as property rights and -interest- groups (instead of just class) that could affect state’s decision on any issue.

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March 12, 2015

Country Focus: How to Introduce Inclusive Growth in Mozambique?

This week, we focus on Mozambique as a country relatively successful in the African content in terms of economic growth and social stability. The main aim of this piece is to explore the ways in which introducing inclusive growth is possible by identifying (i) several distortions that retard economic performance, (ii) instruments to be employed during the process, (iii) fundamentals for growth and (iv) individuals as economic actors.

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March 03, 2015

Briefing: How Are States Subordinated to Capital and Capitalism?

The Marxian view of state could be roughly defined as a type of political domination through which the dominant class (in this case the bourgeoise) ensures and executes its dominance on exploited class. Nevertheless, many Marxist thinkers today agree on that this point of view fails to provide accurate understanding of the concept.

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